Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal nurse consultants are the liaison between the legal and health care worlds. These professionals are specialized registered nurses who are trained to provide advice in legal cases involving crimes like medical malpractice, personal injury, medical fraud, and insurance fraud. They conduct research relevant to the case to provide counsel to the lawyers or healthcare professionals involved. These nurses can work freelance or on a case by case basis, but most of these nurses practice in hospitals, doctors offices, or medical examiner labs.

  • Conduct medical examinations
  • Determine medical requirements of a victim or defendant
  • Project the cost of the care
  • Research medical histories and backgrounds
  • Effective communication skills to convey important information between fields
  • Adhere to strict protocols involving custody of evidence and testing procedures
  • Testify in civil and criminal legal proceedings as an expert witness

As of May 2016, average median salary for a legal nurse consultant was $72,511 per year.

Career Outlook Infographic Career Outlook Infographic

By 2024, employment of legal nurse consultants is expected to grow by 16%, which is much faster than unspecialized nursing positions.