Forensic Nurse Examiner

Forensic Nurses work in a dual role, serving as comforting caregivers to victims and reliable liaisons for investigators. These specialized registered nurses are trained to provide medical care to victims of a traumatic crime, while collecting vital DNA evidence, analyzing wound pattern, and psychological behavior. There are many fields that Forensic Nurses specialize in including domestic violence, sexual abuse, and child abuse cases. Most of these nurses practice in hospitals, doctors offices, or medical examiner labs.

  • Attend to the patient's medical needs
  • Collect any DNA evidence found on the victim
  • Possess knowledge of forensic science and the investigative process 
  • Adhere to strict protocols involving custody of evidence and testing procedures
  • Testify in civil and criminal legal proceedings as an expert witness
As of May 2016, average median salary for Forensic Nursing was $67,4900per year. Career Outlook Infographic Career Outlook Infographic

By 2024, employment of Forensic Nurse Examiners is expected to grow by 16%.

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