Ballistics Investigator

Ballistic Experts are a specialized sector of forensic science technicians. These analysts are responsible for examining any evidence from a crime scene that is related to firearms and ammunition. They analyze and evaluate the crime scene to determine the importance of things like gunshot residue analysis, bullet trajectory, bullet casings and fragments, and live ammo. Professionals in this field find careers in federal, state, and local law enforcement laboratories.

  • Catalogue and analyze any evidence from firearms found at crime scenes
  • Provide expertise and specialized information in the analysis of ballistics evidence
  • Adhere to strict protocols involving custody of evidence, testing procedures, and report generation
  • Document every step of testing and results found
  • Testify in civil and criminal legal proceedings as an expert witness

As of May 2016, average median salary for Ballistics Experts (Forensic Science Technicians) was $56,320 per year, with Senior salaries as high as $66,700

Career Outlook Infographic Career Outlook Infographic

By 2024, employment of fire inspectors and investigators is expected to grow by 17%*

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